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What is newme?

NewME is a startup accelerator that helps grow your ideas and/or business. Our model helps out of the box entrepreneurs transform cool ideas into great businesses.

Launched in June 2011, NewME speeds up your road to success by “digging in” and giving you the support you need to win through a variety of different services, our online platform, 1-week residential accelerators, or dedicated coaching are just a couple of ways to get started.


NewME is for “out of the box” entrepreneurs.  The Silicon Valley ecosystem is set-up to support entrepreneurs who fit into a certain box.  For example if you are looking to get into an accelerator then you have to either be plugged into the right network to connect with a decision maker, apply with your idea and hope that they think you have the background to pull it off, or have something basically flushed out already and growing. Additionally, let’s say you are looking for an investor.  You have to either (again) be plugged into the right networks to get an introduction, (again) have a background that is respected, or (again) already be on a growth trajectory that provides the least amount of risk at the earliest stage.

The typical background that players in the ecosystem look for are what school you went to (Ivy Leagues are a plus), if you are a programmer, where you’ve worked in the past, and of course who you are connected to.  These entrepreneurs fit into a nice box of what is accepted and established as a working pattern to predict success in the industry. So what if you don't meet this criteria?  We call these entrepreneurs “out of the box” entrepreneurs.  They’re who we like to work with.

Why NewME?

NewME's comprehensive curriculum will help you turn your business dreams into reality. Our 12 module curriculum follows tried and true methods used to help entrepreneurs we’ve worked with raise over $25MM in funding.  Our open format blends topical expert Q&A sessions, peer learning, and dedicated coaching to tailor a plan that will help you grow your idea into a sustainable business.


We get hundreds of emails from entrepreneurs excited to participate in our 12-week residential program in San Francisco however we've decided to retire this program as it doesn't support our mission of being accessible for minority entreprenuers. It's no secret that most folks can't drop everything to work on their idea for 12-weeks. That's why our new 1-week model uses our same format to accelerate your ideas in a way that's reasonable for your life circumstances.

How do I get selected to attend a residential accelerator?

It's pretty simple.
- First, create an account on NewME.
- Then fill out an interest form based on the accelerator you want to attend.
- Next wait for someone on our team to follow back up with you.
- Finally, schedule a call to share more specifics on your business and get details on the accelerator.
It's that simple. If we think you're a fit and you've made your decision to come you'll get a formal acceptance letter.

What happens after I get my acceptance letter?

Once you've secured you space with your deposit a kick-off call will be scheduled with you. We use these calls to do deeper dives into your goals. Form there we craft a plan that's specific to you. We work on that plan leading up to the accelerator, usually for about 2.5 months.

What happens during the accelerator?

While we follow our 12 module curriculum we customize programming of each accelerator based on the cohort. No 2 accelerators are the same however we tend to follow the same structure with each program. Mornings and afternoons are usually reserved for tactical workshops and coaching based on your business, evenings are focused on insights from experts through our Q&A based speaker dinners.

What happens after the accelerator?

After the accelerator we keep in touch with each entrepreneur but we don't babysit. We pride ourselves in being an accelerator that's among the top accelerators in the world. That said we truly believe in the success of our Founders. We let our founders lead the level of engagement. Some send regular updates others only send updates when they have them. We follow your lead.


No.  One of our biggest learnings since we launched is that it simply doesn’t make sense to take equity from companies that are too early.  Additionally, many early stage businesses are in the development process and don't really know what they will be when they “grow up” yet still need access to the information and resources so they can get there. That's why many of our services are now fee based so you can relax and learn without the pressure of future returns.

However, if you have decided that raising money from investors is the right thing to do for your business and want our help we’re happy to have a discussion about our Elite Entrepreneurs Network and if you meet the necessary criteria. If you are invited to join our Elite  Entrepreneur Network we’ll discuss the terms of participation which include an equity stake in your business.

What does my fee include?

For our residential accelerators your fee includes:
- Room and board;
- All meals;
- Your training for the week;
- Access to our network.

Your fee does not include air or ground transportation.


Many programs that look similar to NewME are based on an entrepreneurs participation for 9-12 weeks.  After working with hundreds of entrepreneurs we’ve decided that this isn’t the most effective way to help.  That's why we’ve made NewME a continuous program that helps entrepreneurs at whatever stage they might be at.  This is why our program is not a school and has an open structure that is centered around you and what you need, we simply provide the access.


YES!  We’ve noticed that many entrepreneurs prefer to work with a dedicated coach in addition to our core program for maximum results.  After joining NewME entrepreneurs have the option of getting private coaching via requesting feedback through our platform or requesting one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches.


Simple. Just click the sign-up button below to get started!


The best way to contact NewME regarding any questions you might have about a future, existing, or past membership is via email at support@newme.in.

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