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NewME’s not your average accelerator. We focus on building long term relationships with entrepreneurs based on their needs and goals instead of solely focusing on fundraising.  It’s why many entrepreneurs choose NewME. You have the flexibility to grow and learn at your own pace while still getting the valuable guidance you need. Don’t believe us, click the video to the left and take a listen for yourself.

$43MM in funding raised and growing.

We’ve helped tons of entreprenuers position their company to receive funding. Whether you're trying to raise $100,000 or $1,000,000, numbers don't lie. Our system works.

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2012 Cohort

“Angela & NewME took me from a founder who literally knew nothing about startup and molded me into a founder of a high growth company. It’s not just Angela’s Midas touch, but the people, networks, and NewME family that’s all connected and pulling for your success. Family will always have your back, if anyone was not sure, I’d say join our NewME family, it will be the best decision of your life, it certainly was for me."

Brian Brackeen


2016 Cohort

"Honestly speaking, Angela genuinely wants you to succeed! I came to NewMe with an app but left with a business. Be warned ...this is not your average, cookie-cutter program. It is a status-quo-breaking opportunity tailored to grow your potential and accelerate your startup. I am truly grateful for the experience and for the friendships that continue to grow."

Doria Hickman


2017 Cohort

"Time is one of the most precious resources that an entrepreneur possesses.  Angela understands the value of time and thoughtfully and effectively crafted my NewME cohort and curriculum to provide tremendous impact for my company.  I learned more from NewME in a week than I had learned in the 6 months prior to attending NewME.  In addition to the teachings, Angela emboldened me to face the challenges and opportunities presented to my company so that I can actualize my definition of success.  The NewME network is a blessing to have as an entrepreneur and is one way that I fuel my achievement."

Courtney Williamson